Phone and Skype Sessions

I offer phone and Skype sessions. Decide on which you prefer. If you choose to call My mobile directly you will need to fill in the form below. Otherwise please choose via I WANT PHONE option. If you would like a Skype video chat you will need to fill in the form below.

Phone Sessions:

Via I Want Phone You will need to set up an account and register with your card details. It’s free to join.

Via Direct Mobile Call. You can pay via BEEM IT, Bank transfer or PayID. Please contact Me for payment details.

My rates are in Aussie dollars, minimum time is 15 minutes.

15mins = $45

20mins = $60

30mins = $90

60mins = $180


Skype Sessions:

You will pay a one time fee of $50 Australian dollars to be added to My friends list My rates are below:

  • 15 mins = $60
  • 20 mins = $80
  • 30 mins = $120
  • 60mins = $240


Phone and Skype Sessions Application Form

If you are not sure then fill in this space above with NOT SURE
If you ticked other please write it below.

What is 7+4?

Phone Sessions

Have a read below and see what fetishes I’m happy to talk about

 visit My profile at I WANT PHONE. You will need to register and it’s free to join.


Shoe Fetish / Worship

Are you are shoe fetishist? What style of shoes do you like? Do you have a favourite colour?


Shoe worship

Sissy Maid

Are you ready to do your chores maid? Well get dressed in your uniform, make sure you have your duster handy because you have a lot of cleaning to do.


Sissy Maid

Leather Fetish

What is it that you like about leather? The smell, The noise it makes, the feel. Do you have a favourite leather outfit ?


Leather Fetish

Latex Fetish

So you like the feel of this second skin wrapped all over your body. Do you have you rubber shine ready?


Latex Fetish

Hair Fetish

Oh I know, your mother use to force you and make you sit in the chair while the hairdresser or barber cut your hair. You would cry and scream like a baby. Now that you’re all grown up now all you can fantasize about is being forced to have your haircut by a beautiful sexy hairdresser or female barber. Or maybe what you need is a punishment haircut, strapped to the barber chair where I shave all your hair off.


Obviously this picture isnt Me…I wish it was

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