Phone and Skype Sessions

I offer phone and Skype sessions for those who are not able to see me in person.

Phone Sessions; visit My profile at I WANT PHONE. You will need to register and it’s free to join.

Skype Sessions; you will pay a one time fee of $50 Australian dollars to be added to My friends list My rates are below:

  • 15 mins = $60
  • 20 mins = $80
  • 30 mins = $120
  • 60mins = $240


Skype Sessions Application Form

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Phone Sessions

Have a read below and see what fetishes I’m happy to talk about

 visit My profile at I WANT PHONE. You will need to register and it’s free to join.


Shoe Fetish / Worship

Are you are shoe fetishist? What style of shoes do you like? Do you have a favourite colour?


Shoe worship

Sissy Maid

Are you ready to do your chores maid? Well get dressed in your uniform, make sure you have your duster handy because you have a lot of cleaning to do.


Sissy Maid

Leather Fetish

What is it that you like about leather? The smell, The noise it makes, the feel. Do you have a favourite leather outfit ?


Leather Fetish

Latex Fetish

So you like the feel of this second skin wrapped all over your body. Do you have you rubber shine ready?


Latex Fetish

Hair Fetish

Oh I know, your mother use to force you and make you sit in the chair while the hairdresser or barber cut your hair. You would cry and scream like a baby. Now that you’re all grown up now all you can fantasize about is being forced to have your haircut by a beautiful sexy hairdresser or female barber. Or maybe what you need is a punishment haircut, strapped to the barber chair where I shave all your hair off.


Obviously this picture isnt Me…I wish it was