Frequently Asked Questions

1-Where in Sydney are you located?

Inner West

2-Are you close to public transport?


3-I would like to see you today, is this possible?

No, sorry. If we have not met before then you are required to fill in My private online Questionnaire, but first you must pay a deposit.

4- I am a novice and have never seen a professional Dominatrix before. What is expected of me?

I expect you to have read My website thoroughly. Then fill in the contact form which is located on the bottom of the page of that service. So, if you are wanting a BDSM dungeon session you will fill in the form that is located on the BDSM page. If you are wanting a Fetish haircut or manscaping service, then fill in the form on that page.

5- What if I am running late?

I expect you to be on time, but if you are running late then call me ASAP.

6- Do you do outcalls?

Yes, to City hotels only. I am not available at short notice so if you are planning on visiting Sydney please contact Me ASAP so we can make advance arrangements.

7- Can I request what you wear during the session?

No not really but you can suggest on a particular look or outfit and I will think about it on the day.

8- Will I be given a safe word.


9- Do you enjoy your work?

I would not be doing this if I did not. I do not offer sessions that I do not enjoy. It is not all about you. If there is a particular session you are wanting, and I am not interested in providing then I will recommend you see someone else.

10- Do you session outdoors?

Yes, only with players that I have meet before.

11- I would like to bring a gift. Can you suggest something?

I do not accept flowers, alcohol, or chocolates. I am happy to receive a tip.

12- Do you see couples?


13- Do you attend fetish events?

I did in London but there is not much going on in Sydney.

14- How do you prefer to be addressed?

Dominatrix V, Domina or Ma’am (do not address me as Mistress)