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Cross dressing and Sissy transformations Sydney

Are you a male who wants to explore his feminine side? I provide a safe, clean and friendly haven for men who enjoy dressing up in female attire, whether you identify as a Crossdresser, Sissy, T-girl or Transgender. I offer a range of services in a friendly and discreet environment.

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About Me

My name is Domina V and I am the owner and creator of Fluffy Boudoir Crossdressing & Sissy Salon. I  was born in Spain and raised in Sydney Australia. I am a qualified Hairdresser and Makeup artist. I hold a Diploma in Makeup Artistry covering all forms of make-application from all eras to special effects, theatrical and photography. I have completed courses in Personal Development and Grooming. My background in Modelling, Deportment & Stage Performance will guarantee you a service to a high standard. I am highly sought after by clients and I welcome those new to this lifestyle.

Fluffy Boudoir first opened it doors in North London in 2011. In 2013 I left busy London and moved to Brighton & Hove on the south coast of England and stayed till 2015. I have now returned to Australia where I am currently settled in My own private and discreet studio in Sydney, just 10 mins from Central Railway Station.

I offer a range of services that I’m sure you will find something that may interest you. Whether you’re wanting to experience anything from a full transformation with a touch of Glamour or we can experiment with new looks. I can teach you how to be more convincingly feminine, how to walk in those killer heels, help you choose your style of dress as well as help with your makeup application.

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Our first home in North London 2011

Our second home in Brighton 2013

Our third home in Brighton 2014

Our fourth home in Wollongong 2018

Our fifth home in Wollongong 2019

Our sixth home in Sydney and hopefully will be for a very long time 2020

Fluffy Boudoir Services

Depending on your experience and the style of dressing you require will determine the amount of time needed . Everything I offer is tailored made to your needs as everyone is different. Have a read through the services that I offer. You may be interested in a few options. Like I said, your day here is tailored to your individual needs. My new Sydney location is private and ideal for you to relax and enjoy yourself while all dressed up. 

Maid Training

Ever wanted to be trained as a Maid or Sissy Maid? Well you’ve come to the right place. Here at Fluffy Boudoir you will learn the correct protocols on serving techniques, maid duties, etiquette, presentation and deportment. This will involve a makeover, getting you dressed in a maid’s uniform and comfortable shoes to wear. You may bring your own outfits or you can choose from the Fluffy Boudoir wardrobe.

1 hour = $300

This session is ideal for those who are a little unsure of what they want. It is also a great way for us two to get to know each other. I see a lot of clients who are very nervous or have no idea where to start. During this time I will give you a partial make-over. We will choose a maids uniform that you feel comfortable in. We may also take some photos for your private sissy album.

There is No kink/bdsm play involved in this session.

2 hours = $500

This session is ideal for those who have some experience or who have seen Me before. You have the option of a full or partial make-over. We will then go over some basic protocols, presentation and deportment.

There is No kink/bdsm play involved in this session.

3 hours = $600

In this session you have the option of learning how to do your own make-up or I can give you a full makeover. We will then start on Maid training duties and see which areas you need to work on.

There is No kink/bdsm play involved in this session.

Maid for a day

This service is only for those who have passed the Sissy / Maid Training. You will have the opportunity to serve Me in My private and discreet premises while I go about My day. You may bring your favourite maids uniform or you may use any items from The Fluffy Boudoir wardrobe. Before we start our day we will have a little chat before I let you get ready. When you are done I will check to see how you look before you start your duties.

You will be required to perform cleaning duties to the following rooms.

  • Kitchen area
  • Dressing room
  • Lounge area
  • Hair salon
  • Dungeon play room
  • Bathroom

Other things I may get you to do are:

  • Foot massage
  • Assisting Me with My client
  • Making lunch
  • Serving tea
  • Sorting out the wardrobe

Depending how long you are staying for  you will be given a break in between your duties where you will serve tea or refreshment of the day and if I am happy with your cleaning then I may allow you to join me.

You may also be required to help with other duties, this will be discussed before you start. Finally, before you leave, your work shall be inspected thoroughly.

  1. hour = $150
  2. hours = $300
  3. hours = $450
  4. hours = $600

NB: Maid for a day is NOT a session, which is why the rates are much cheaper. There is No kink play, No Training or Constant Supervision. 

Cross dressing

This service is for those who enjoy dressing in ladies attire where there is no kinky play involved. You may bring your own outfits but you are also welcomed to use ours. Depending on how long you stay will determine what we get up to. We will start with a make over and I can choose a look for you or if you had something in mind then we can work with your ideas. You have the option of having your photo taken or we can film your time here (optional). Clients usually book from 3 hours. This gives us enough time for your make-up application and to try on different outfits.  


1 hr = $250

2 hrs = $450

3 hrs = $650

4 hrs = $700

Cross dressing & Kink

Do you have a kinky side wanting to come out of the closet? Have you been a naughty girl who needs to be punished? or maybe you’re just a filthy little slut who needs to be taken care of. Well you’ve come to the right place My dear. We have the option to play in a Domestic setting or Dungeon play room

Cross dressing & Kink in Domestic setting

This session is ideal for those who are new to the fetish world and who would like to try some kinky play but do not want to be inside a dungeon setup. A domestic setting is ideal for beginners to relax and play in a more calm and relaxed atmosphere. On this day you have a choice of a full transformation or partial.



1 hr $350
1.5 hrs $450
2 hrs $600
3 hrs $800

Cross dressing & Kink in Dungeon Play Room

This session is ideal for those who enjoy a dungeon setup. We will first start in the dressing room and then finsih off in the dungeon play room.



1 hr $400
1.5 hrs $500
2 hrs $650
3 hrs $800

Make up Lessons 

Let me introduce you to the wonderful world of make-up application. I will show you all the basic techniques that you need to know to suit your individual style. During this lesson you will learn all about the correct colours and what works for your complexion. I will show you which foundation works best for your skin type as well as brushes and different techniques. You will learn how to apply your own makeup and learn little secrets to create a fabulous look every time. If you really feel that your makeup techniques and application isn’t working for you or you feel like you need a change or useful makeup advice and tips, then you’ve come to the right place. You may bring your own makeup if you like. NB: No Kink play  involved. My rate is: $180 for 2 hours

Shopping Outings

Would you like to spend a day shopping for all the things you need or perhaps for that special item? That’s great… I am available to escort you on your shopping adventure. The day will start with tea followed by makeup and then a rundown of what’s ahead. Obviously the entire time would be spent on YOU and your needs and wishes. My rate for the first hour is $150 where I will be applying your makeup and making sure you’re looking faboulous before we leave. Every hour after that is $50.00. You may bring along your outfit and shoes or you may use items from our wardrobe for an extra charge. You will pay for any meals we might have along the way.


I really enjoy filming. My style of filming is very different and unique. You do not need to have filming experience but you must be genuine, open-minded and someone who likes to have fun. A tribute is required, and that’s all you’ll need to pay. All clips will be added to My clip stores and photos will be used on My website and social media platforms to promote the clip. All applicants will sign a model release form and must show photo ID. During filming you do not have to show your face. If we take photos I can have your face blurred out for your privacy. If you would like to be part of My video collection then fill in the form HERE 

Get in Touch

Please use this form to contact Me regarding session inquiries and to make an appointment.


I do not call or text you unless we have agreed on this.
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