I have now settled back in Brighton UK.  I am now searching for fun, genuine and reliable people to film with. You do not need to have filming experience but you must be genuine, open-minded and someone who likes to have fun. You will also be required to book a 1-hour session with Me prior to filming as this will allow me to see if we both get along and feel comfortable with each other.

Filming is not free, its still classed as a session and you will be required to pay my standard session rate though it will work out cheaper for you as it takes a few hours to film, so you will get to spend more time with Me, lucky you.  A deposit must be made in advance. All clips and photos will be added to My website and stores at Clips4Sale and I Want Clips.

All applicants will sign a model release form and must show photo ID. All information is kept private and confidential for My records only and is required by law. During filming you do not have to show your face though some people don’t mind. I am happy to cover your face with either a hood or mask, which ever you’re comfortable with.

Please fill in the form below with your interest. Please add on the subject field whether its BDSM dungeon or Fetish Haircut you are interested in.


Filming Enquiry Form:

Are you interested in BDSM dungeon filming or haircut fetish or both?